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The Best Comes Together in Three Action-Packed Box Sets

Santa Clara, Calif., (September 17, 2008) – Leading video games publisher and developer NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc., announced today that it has shipped a trifecta of renowned franchises with Namco Classic Fighter Collection™, NARUTO™: Ultimate Collection and PAC-MAN Power Pack™ to North American retailers for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system. Each box set comes with three exciting titles from NAMCO BANDAI’s PlayStation 2 system library and carries a MSRP of $29.99.

Namco Classic Fighter Collection, NARUTO: Ultimate Collection and PAC-MAN Power Pack feature some of NAMCO BANDAI’s most successful games in recent years,” said Todd Thorson, director of marketing and public relations at NAMCO BANDAI Games. “Each set is packed with top quality entertainment that no PlayStation 2 system owner should be without. It’s a fantastic opportunity for anyone who missed out on these great titles the first time around.”

Namco Classic Fighter Collection
Relive two classic King of the Iron Fist Tournaments and the sequel to the highest rated fighting game ever with Tekken® Tag Tournament™, Tekken® 4 and Soulcalibur® II.

· Tekken Tag Tournament – One of the hottest PlayStation 2 system launch titles, Tekken Tag Tournament brings frenzied tag team battles to the Tekken universe. Pair up your favorite characters and battle it out against friends. After the dust has been settled, take in a quick 10 frames with the popular Tekken Bowl mini-game.

· Tekken 4 – The true sequel in the Iron Fist Tournament saga, Tekken 4 introduces eager new contestants and environmental hazards for bone-snapping strategies. In the Tekken Force beat ‘em up mini-game, players fight through waves of enemies across four stages until they reach the final boss.

· Soulcalibur II – Fight against world-class warriors in the follow up to the universally acclaimed original.  Test your skills in Weapon Master Mode as you travel the land as a lone swordsman searching for the fabled Soul Edge. Making a special appearance as a guest character is Heihachi of Tekken 4 fame.

NARUTO: Ultimate Collection
Take part in epic fights straight out of the NARUTO™ animated television series, from VIZ Media, with NARUTO™: Ultimate Ninja®, NARUTO™: Ultimate Ninja® 2 and NARUTO™: Uzumaki Chronicles™ 2.

· NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja – Battle against Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and other beloved NARUTO characters in stages inspired from the animated show and manga. Unleash fantastic character specific attacks as the best of the best duke it out.

· NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja 2 – Unleash your inner Jutsu with over 30 playable characters and 16 unique stages in intense head-to-head ninja action. Play through over 60 unique missions, test your skills with challenging mini-games and experience an original storyline in Ultimate Road mode.

· NARUTO: Uzumaki Chronicles 2 – Follow Naruto and his friends through an original story line that leaves the fate of the ninja clans in your hands. Drop-in cooperative gameplay lets a friend join in on the fun at any time. Multiple modes of play including Head-to-Head mode, Mission Mode and Survival Mode will have ninja in training coming back for more.

PAC-MAN Power Pack
Chomp through three exciting PAC-MAN® titles that the whole family can enjoy with Pac-Man World 2™, Pac-Man World 3™ and Pac-Man World Rally™.

· Pac-Man World 2 – Explore six vast worlds with Pac-Man as he gains new abilities in this action-adventure game.

· Pac-Man World 3 – Pac-Man must team up with his old nemeses Pinky and Clyde as they try to foil an evil scheme and find their friends Inky and Blinky. Use Pinky and Clyde’s ghostly special abilities along with Pac-Man’s new moves to traverse classic platforming levels.

· Pac-Man World Rally – Race as one of 12 Pac-Man World characters in this zany kart-racing classic. Use top notch racing skills and power-ups scattered throughout the tracks and battle arenas to finish in first place.

Namco Classic Fighter Collection and NARUTO: Ultimate Collection are rated “T” for teen by the ESRB. PAC-MAN Power Pack will carry an ESRB rating of “E” for everyone. For more information about these titles, please visit For more information on NARUTO go to

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