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Tomb Raider: Underworld – ‘What Could Lara Do?’
Eidos presents the third ‘Beneath The Surface’ teaser trailer

Wednesday 8th October/… In the third Beneath The Surface video, entitled What Could Lara Do?, Creative Director Eric Lindstrom, Lead Animator Primo Navidad and Lead Character Artist Kam Yu discuss how they crafted Lara into a more credible and believable character allowing her to do all the things you would expect of a strong, fearless, independent adventurer. Motion captured for the first time and featuring over 2,000 beautifully fluid animations, watch Lara as she now shoots at two different targets simultaneously, vaults off enemies and shoots, balances along narrow beams and poles, takes out a gun to switch hands and shoots when clinging to a pillar or on a ledge and pushes foliage out of the way.

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