ELSPA Traffic Light Ratings System

ELSPA Traffic Light Ratings System

It seems like a rating system using traffic lights may be a better way to recognize the contents of games. The [Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association] ELSPA’s new ratings do provide the specific, recommended age group with a sample description of the game content, though not as specific as the [Entertainment Software Rating Board] ESRB’s. For parents who have little or no knowledge of gaming, this may be the best way for them, at least in the UK, to decide if they should buy certain games for their young gamers or not.

Parece que un sistema de ratings mediante el uso de semáforos pueda se una mejor manera de reconocer los contenidos de los juegos. El nuevo ratings de ELSPA [Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association] provee el grupo de edad específico y recomendado con una simple descripción del contenido de juegos, aunque no tan específico como el de la ESRB [Entertainment Software Rating Board]. Para padres con poco o no conocimiento de juegos, esta tal vez sea la mejor manera para que ellos, por lo menos en el Reino Unido, decidan si deben comprar ciertos ciertos juegos para sus jóvenes jugadores o no.

Video Games Industry Planning to Release ‘Traffic Light’ Ratings System

Tuesday 28th October/… In a move mirroring efforts by food manufacturers and retailers to give consumers a clear and easy way to understand food content, the games industry is close to launching a traffic light system for the ratings on video games. As the government gears up to close its consultation into video games ratings on November 20, the industry has responded to observations made by Dr. Tanya Byron in her report that there is a lack of consumer awareness of the PEGI rating symbols. The industry feels that by employing a traffic light system that is simple to understand it will be effective in combating any confusion previously felt by consumers. The new system has been designed to give parents ‘at a glance’ indicators of the age appropriateness of any game’s content.

An industry source said, “Video gaming is one of the UK’s best performing sectors and a rare economic success in today’s gloomy environment, with retailers announcing record profits and government ministers describing gaming as ‘the most important part of what we call the Creative Industries’. (1)

“The world of gaming is fast moving and it is vital that we have a clear ratings system that is up to date with consumers’ needs. It has already been proven that everyone understands traffic light labelling, making it the perfect scheme for the industry to adopt.”(2)

(1) Rt Hon Margaret Hodge, InStock Magazine, September 2008

(2) In 2008 a MORI IPSOS poll for Sainsbury’s found that
• 92% of customers thought its traffic light labelling was easy to understand
• 73% of respondents felt traffic light labelling gave the “best at-a-glance indication of the healthiness of the food”

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