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SackBoy - Proposition Pluto

SackBoy - Proposition Pluto

The elections are just around the corner. Everyone gets to see lots of advertisements about choosing a president and vice president, and voting for certain amendments and propositions. But, it seems like not many people has had a chance to see this ad with SackBoy. Proposition Pluto is more than just simple propaganda for the game because it goes beyond that. The main goal of the proposition is to help reclassify Pluto as a planet again, so that it will be known as the littlest planet of our galaxy once more. The site inform visitors: the facts that support this proposition [even with a link to a NASA web page], why you should vote for it [by singing a petition to be sent to the International Astronomical Union] , and who is SackBoy. Watch the “political” ad. I love what is written at the bottom right side of the main page: “I am SackBoy and I approve this message.” Pluto cannot defend itself against its de-classification. Let’s support Pluto. Vote for SackBoy! Vote for Pluto! Go down the page [or click here] to read SackBoy’s message.

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Las elecciones están a la vuelta de la esquina. Todos llegan a ver bastantes avisos acerca de escoger a un presidente y a un vicepresidente o una vicepresidenta, y de votar para ciertas enmiendas y proposiciones. Pero, parece que mucha gente no ha tenido la oportunidad de ver este aviso con SackBoy. La proposición Plutón es más que simple propaganda para el juego porque va más allá de eso. El objetivo principal de la propuesta es de ayudar a reclasificar a Plutón como un planeta otra vez para que sea conocido una vez más como el planeta más pequeñito de nuestra galaxia. El sitio web informa a los visitantes acerca de: los hechos que apoyan a esta proposición [hasta con un enlace a una página cibernética de la NASA], el porqué debes  votar [con solo firmar una petición que se mandará a la Unión Astronómica Internacional [International Astronomical Union], y quién es SackBoy, Miren el aviso “político”. Me encanta lo que está escrito en la parte de abajo derecha de la página principal: “Yo soy SackBoy y apruebo este mensaje”. Plutón no puede defenderse por sí mismo contra su desclasificación. Apoyemos a Plutón. ¡Voten por SackBoy! ¡Voten por Plutón! Bajen la página [o hagan clic aquí] para leer el mensaje de SackBoy (en inglés).

Fuente: Proposition Pluto [].
Plutón – Wikipedia [ón_(astronomía)].
Facebook – Proposition Pluto [].

A Letter from SackBoy

Greetings, my fellow earthlings –

Our opponents would like you to believe that Pluto is “paling around” with other dwarf planets and is no longer “legit” enough to be considered a true planet. Are they serious? It’s unfortunate that they are trying to mislead us with lies and distortions. Ever since we were kids, Pluto has always been a planet so why has the International Astronomical Union declassified it now to a dwarf planet? I need you to help me, SackBoy, bring Re-Unification to our Constellation! LET’S BAN TOGETHER AND BRING PLUTO BACK TO THE SOLAR SYSTEM AS THE LITTLEBIGPLANET!

We are always looking for the opportunity to be heard and with the election season upon us, the time for change is NOW! The voice of a maverick, like you, will only help our cause to be that much stronger.

There are plenty of other battleground planets who are trying to get into our solar system and we do not want Pluto to lose the right to be the ninth planet in our solar system! So join us on and sign-up to help us take back the night. Little planets have rights too!

It’s up to us to show that this grassroots movement has the power to change politics on Earth! I hope you’ll take the time to join us and take a look at our new campaign ad and send it around to your friends. Pluto needs your support, so let’s give it to ‘em!

In support of Proposition Pluto, you can find me and the latest campaign updates on Twitter as well as on Facebook [] — if you join our group, we’ll gift you bumper stickers and buttons to share with your friends!

Thanks for everything you’re doing,


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