For two days [Nov. 8-9], the Virtual Army Experience [] will take place at the Kennedy Space Center in Central Florida. If you are a fan of games such as Call of Duty or America’s Army, then you should not miss this great opportunity to attend. The VAE is much more than just a game. It’s a combat simulator in which you will be instructed how to participate in a mission as if you were getting ready to fight in real combat. The following is part of an email I received about the event:

Por dos días [Nov. 8-9], la Experiencia Virtual del Ejército [] se realizará en el Kennedy Space Center en la Florida Central. Si son fanáticos de juegos como Call of Duty o America’s Army, entonces no deben perderse esta gran opportunidad de asistir. La VAE es mucho más que un juego. Es uns simulador de combate en el que será instruido en participar en una misión como si estuviesen listos para luchar en un verdadero combate. La siguiente es parte de un email que recibí acerca del evento (en inglés):

“The Virtual Army Experience (VAE) is a 10,000 square foot inflatable dome that helps the public gain a better appreciation for the jobs Army soldiers do on a daily basis. The core of the VAE is a combat simulator, which gives participants a chance to load up into life-sized Humvee and UH-60 Blackhawk simulators and take a virtual test drive of the U.S. Army. We immerse participants into all aspects of an actual combat mission, in order to show them the advanced technology and various careers that are available in today’s Army. “

“Participants also have the chance to meet one of the eight members of our Real Heroes [] program. The Real Heroes are soldiers who have distinguished themselves in combat with courage and ability. The Real Hero with the VAE at the Kennedy Space Center will be Sergeant First Class John Adams, who received a Bronze Star with Valor for his heroic role in Operation Iraqi Freedom. SFC Adams is a native Floridian and was recently featured in a story on Lou Dobbs Tonight. To view the story, click here [].”

“The VAE is one of the few hands on attractions at this weekend’s show and because of the popularity, we’ve received significant media coverage. Since the VAE went out on the road in February, 2007, we’ve been covered by Fox News, CNN, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, as well as local outlets at every stop the VAE makes.”

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