From/De: Capcom
[Rated M]

Today Capcom spotlights a new enemy type in Bionic Commando, the Polycraft. These VTOL aerial gunships are wickedly agile, cunning, and sport a veritable arsenal of weapons to blast Nathan “Rad” Spencer to kingdom come. Just one of these guys can be considered a mini-boss, but they also appear in flights.

Polycraft are highly maneuverable air units, designed for quick aerial assault and interception. The BioReign force brought with them a large number of the units to Ascension City. Polycraft are easily refitted to excel in various situations, and can act as both troop transporters and heavily-armed missile gunships.

The compact design of the Polycraft combined with its unsurpassed aerial maneuverability allows it to fly in narrow and tight environments, close to ground without risk of collision, making it perfect for tactical surveys and interceptions.

Polycraft are sturdy and resilient machines, but analysis has shown that the armor plating over the engine is relatively thin. The engine is placed on the underside of the Polycraft, so an assault from directly underneath has the best chance of success.

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