No importa en que parte del mundo vivas, FIFA 09 estará disponible en tu lengua natal o en cualquier otra de las más de 10 lenguas que prefieras. Si vives en los EE.UU. y has querido escuchar los comentarios en español, ahora ya se puede realizar. Quisiera saber si los comentadores dicen “¡Gooooooooooooooool!” como en los partidos de fútbol en español.

It doesn’t matter in what part of the world you live at, FIFA 09 will be available in your native language or in any other of the 10+ languages you prefer. If you live in the US and have always wanted to listen to the comments in Spanish, now it can be done. I’d like to know if the commentators get to say “Gooooooooooooooool!” as in Spanish-language soccer games.

14 international commentaries for EA SPORTS FIFA Soccer 09 now available for free

EA SPORTS announced today that all 14 international commentary packs in FIFA Soccer 09 will be available to download free on both the PlayStation Network for PLAYSTATION 3 and on Xbox Live for Xbox 360. For the first time, fans worldwide can now download and experience all language commentary packs featuring different commentators from all over the world while playing FIFA Soccer 09.

FIFA Soccer 09 currently features specific languages by region but beginning today gamers can download and experience play-by-play commentary from other regions of the world. This will deliver a new international experience to FIFA Soccer 09 fans.

The following commentary packs will be available beginning today:
Language – Commentator’s Names

English:  Andy Gray & Martin Tyler
French: Herve Mathoux & Franck Sauzée
Italian: Giuseppe Bergomi & Fabio Caressa
German: Tom Bayer & Sebastian Hellman
Spanish: Paco González & Manolo Lama
Mexico: Perro Bermúdez & Ricardo Pelaez
Dutch: Youri Mulder & Evert Ten Napel
European Portuguese: David Carvalho & Hélder Conduto
Hungarian: Richard Faragó & István B. Hajú
Russian: Yuri Rozanov & Vasily Solojov
Swedish: Glenn Hysén & Henrik Strömblad
Czech: Bosák Jaromír & Petr Svěcený
Polish: Włodzimierz Szaranowicz & Dariusz Szpakowski
Brazilian Portugese: Paulo Vinícius Coelho & Nivaldo Prieto

Additionally, FIFA Soccer 09 offers a whole new commentary pack for download on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Marketplace. An additional English commentary pack featuring Andy Townsend and Clive Tyldesley previously unavailable on any version of FIFA Soccer 09 is available for download for only $4.99 US.

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