Before the arrival of Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero World Tour, there was someone who was enjoying GH2 in another way. He wasn’t able to use one of his fingers, which was a great inconvenience, but his dedication to the game made him to perfect something in order for him to continue having fun with Guitar Hero 2 and obtain one of the game’s most difficult achievements. Here there are 3 videos in which Egyokeo demonstrates his abilities with … (you’ll see) in GH2 and GH3 for Xbox 360. Egyokeo would not have been able to achieve this without the help of his high school teacher (Jason), Dave (from and OBsIV (creator of Xim).

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College Humor – Epic Home Made Guitar Hero 3 Drums [].

Antes de la llegada de Rock Band 2 y Guitar Hero World Tour, había ya alguien que disfrutaba de GH2 de otra manera. No podía usar uno de sus dedos, lo cuál fue una gran inconveniencia, pero su dedicación al juego lo llevó a perfeccionar algo para que él continuase a divertirse con Guitar Hero 2 y a obtener uno de los logros o “achievements” más difíciles del juego. He aquí tres videos en los que Egyokeo demuestra sus habilidades con … (ya verán) en GH2 y GH3 para el Xbox 360. Egyokeo no hubiese sido capaz de lograr esto sin la ayuda de su profesor de secundaria (Jason), Dave (de y OBsIV (creador de Xim).

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College Humor – Epic Home Made Guitar Hero 3 Drums [].

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Epic Home Made Guitar Hero 3 Drums [vodpod id=Groupvideo.1814918&w=480&h=360&fv=]

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