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Rebecca Mayes’ Christmas Song – Press A

Game People’s Christmas present to gamers. No, not a celebrity Wii controller, not a Strategy JRPG Adventure mash up, not even a Chiropodist simulator for the DS. Today, we are excited to bring you Rebecca Mayes’ first video game inspired song.

What better way to bring our beloved video gaming pastime to the masses than in song. Rebecca may be a novice gamer but she understands what thrills, confuses and frustrates those wanting to join in the fun. As Rebecca says…

“I am inspired by that edge where two distant and separate things meet. What I am interested in is the collision of my own creative world with the creativity of the gaming world.”

Vocalising the woes and wonders of many gaming girlfriends, every other week she’ll be singing her way through the good and the great of her gaming experiences with a new song.

“My ‘reviews’ are naive, ridiculous observations that only someone totally inexperienced could make.”

She’s kicking things of with ‘Press A’ [], her Christmas ditty about the Wii that echoes the refrain heard in households across the nation at this time of year.

The exclusive song can be heard first hand on her Audio Gamer [] writers pages on the site, and will no doubt be ringing out through various podcasts and promotions in the coming weeks. Have a read of her biog [] to hear how all this started (read: she got roped in).

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