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4 titles, including the newest in the METAL GEAR series will be progressively made available for download for the iPhone and iPod touch from late this month.

December 17, 2008
Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.

KONAMI will make downloads of METAL GEAR SOLID TOUCH, DanceDanceRevolution S Lite, SILENT HILL The Escape and Frogger for the iPhone and iPod touch progressively available from late this month.

METAL GEAR SOLID TOUCH is an original game that brings to life the world and characters of METAL GEAR SOLID 4 GUNS OF THE PATRIOTS (MGS4).




©2008 Konami Digital Entertainment

With direct control through the touch panel, it’s simple for anyone to move their alignment or switch to zoom mode.

Each stage’s location and characters are based on the story of MGS4. The initial download will contain 8 stages, with additional stages to be added later.
There are many ways to enjoy the game as points earned by clearing stages unlocks images and wallpapers from the METAL GEAR series.
DanceDanceRevolution S Lite, SILENT HILL The Escape and Frogger will be released prior to METAL GEAR SOLID TOUCH late this month.

Title List
Title Genre Release Date Release Area
DanceDanceRevolution S Lite Music From Late December, 2008 Japan, North America
Frogger Action From Late December, 2008 Japan,North America,Europe
SILENT HILL The Escape 3D Shooting From Late December, 2008 Japan,North America,Europe
METAL GEAR SOLID TOUCH Touch Shooting Spring, 2009 Japan,North America,Europe

DanceDanceRevolution S Lite is a music game where you tap the arrow icons that appear at the bottom of the screen in time with music.


SILENT HILL The Escape is a first-person 3D shooting game that lets players utilize the control features only found on the iPhone and iPod touch such as moving their character by sliding a finger across the touch panel screen and changing alignment to target enemies using the built-in altimeter.


Frogger is a simple game where the player moves a frog 360 degrees to cross roads and rivers while avoiding obstacles.


Furthermore, in Japan, Touch KONAMI (, KONAMI’s website introducing applications aimed for the iPhone/iPod touch launches today, Wednesday 17th December.This site details playing instructions, features, prices, and release dates for each game and is also scheduled to display animations and reviews later on.

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