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Rebecca Mayes’ Okami Wii Song

After over 10,000 listens to her first song Rebecca Mayes returns with her musical Okami review. Just in time to help with the Christmas Eve cheer, we’re sure you and your readers will love this little ditty.

Having caused something of a storm with her first song, and raised many questions amongst hard core gamers about what counts as a video game review, she can’t wait to hear what people make of ‘I’m a wolf’ her Okami review.

Either way, she’s enjoyed having conversations about video games with people who don’t usually play from all walks of life. Using songs to talk about games seems to have struck a chord with a fascinated cross section of the public.

What’s more she was flatter to have so much press interest which culminated in being commissions to write an exclusive music review for an upcoming DS game.

The exclusive song can be heard first hand on her Audio Gamer writers pages on the site. Have a read of her bio to hear how all this started (read: she got roped in), or check out the lyrics.

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