Do you want to personalize your iGoogle page with Mario, Mega Man, the Godfather, Chun-Li and other gaming characters? Starting today, you can. Check out the video and then login to your Google account. Isn’t that simple?

¿Quieren personalizar su página iGoogle con Mega Man, el Padrino, Chun-Li y otros personajes de los juegos? A partir de hoy, pueden. Revisen el video y luego inicien su sesión en su cuenta de Google. ¿No es simple esto?

From/De: Google via The NewsSource

[26-Mar-2009] Google has teamed up with leaders in the gaming industry and invited them to share some of their most iconic games with iGoogle users by creating new themes for iGoogle. With a new collection of visually-rich game themes, users can now paint their homepage with their classic favorite video game characters like Mario and Mega Man; or virtual fighters like Chun Li and Lara Croft. Whether iGoogle users are hardcore gamers or simply fans of amazing graphics, this new collection provides them with more choices to reflect their personal style and interests.

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