Many people online have noticed the presence of a site offering a countdown that seems to have some relation to an upcoming Capcom announcement. Most fans believe it’s the announcement of Capcom’s Marvel vs. Capcom 2 for Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. Could it also be a reference to another sequel (Marvel vs. Capcom 3). Now you may be asking yourself why all of this. Well, here are some clues:

1) What is Gamers believe the domain name refer to the game’s theme song “I Wanna Take You 4 A Ride,” the game’s character selection song.

2) The domain name belongs to someone who lives about 20 minutes away from Capcom’s headquarters (

3) The number “2” may not look exactly like the one in the real game, but it’s there.

4) A blogger on the Capcom Unity site mentions [].

5) An event called Captivate 09 is about to start.

6) The JavaScript file within the main page of the site gets the Flash timestampflag command for an accurate countdown (Ex.

7) You can see bubbles after the countdown is over (in 30 seconds instead of waiting days). How? Simply type the next URL: . You will then see bubbles (a Flash file called nestegg.swf). Read the following blog: [].

8) There is a connection between the Capcom’s Countdown Flash file at and Capcom’s GMT site ( for the countdown to work. The GMT source code shows it’s an XML file with a timestamp. Another similar GMT site [] was  announced earlier on another blog [] but it doesn’t seem to be working now. This one does work [] yet it has no connection with the current Flash file.

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