Many gamers felt bad when EGM, one of the most-respected magazines in the industry,  was no longer available. After Ziff Davis sold the mag to Hearst Corp., someone did not give up. Some time soon, EGM will once again return to its independent roots with the help of founder Steve Harris. For many people, the return of EGM could be one of the best pre-E3 announcements yet.

Varios jugadores se sintieron mal cuando EGM, una de las revistas más respetadas en la industria, ya no se encontraba disponible. Luego de que Ziff Davis vendiese la revista a Hearst Corp., alguien no se rindió. Dentro de pronto, EGM volverá de nuevo a sus raíces independientes con la ayuda del fundador Steve Harris. Para mucha gente, el regreso de EGM podría ser uno de los mejores anuncios pre-E3 hasta ahora.


BEVERLY HILLS, CA, May 29, 2009 — Steve Harris, founder of “Electronic Gaming Monthly” magazine, announced today that he has entered into an agreement with Ziff Davis Media to re-acquire certain assets, including trademarks and publishing rights, with plans to re-launch EGM in the second half of 2009.

“The re-launch of Electronic Gaming Monthly represents a welcome opportunity to continue delivering quality content to gaming enthusiasts,” said Harris. “I feel honored to once again be associated with this respected magazine. The talented writers and designers who built upon EGM’s original vision have left behind a publication that is uniquely positioned to be successful.”

“Electronic Gaming Monthly is and always has been one of the most respected publications among the gaming enthusiast community,” said Jason Young, CEO, Ziff Davis Media Inc. “We are pleased that EGM is now in the hands of its original creator, Steve Harris, and wish him and the publication the best of success in the future.”

“We have exciting plans for the evolution of what will once again be a leading independent voice for the gaming community,” Harris continued. “The twenty year success of the EGM brand has always been built upon a commitment to its readers who I believe will enthusiastically embrace the changes we are planning to introduce.”

Additional details and future announcements will be made during the upcoming E3 expo and posted on the magazine’s official website at or via the official EGM Twitter account at .


Electronic Gaming Monthly (aka EGM) was launched in 1988 by Steve Harris to provide independent news, reviews, and other content of interest to video game enthusiasts. The magazine enjoyed rapid success that continued after Harris sold the publication to Ziff Davis in 1996. It has remained an industry leader for more than twenty years and has enjoyed a strong and loyal readership base during that time.


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