Eidos – Mini Ninjas – Kunoichi Vignette

Thursday 27th August/… Kunoichi is the younger and less mature of the girls. She looks up to Suzume like a big sister and adores Hiro. She is very acrobatic and uses her Naginata (spear) as a prop in her agile moves Kunoichi is very quiet, doesn’t reveal much about herself, and is a bit of a loner.

Weapon: Naginata (spear)

Special Ability: Kunoichi, anticipating a rush of enemies coming her way, will spin her Naginata above her head – drawing upon the magical energies infused within the weapon – then unleash a spinning helicopter attack upon her foes.

Trivia: Kunoichi enjoys the rigorous training of the life as a Mini Ninja. It fits well with her acrobatic nature.

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