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Happy Halloween!

In honor of Halloween weekend, we are happy to announce that the Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles official website has just been updated in a major way as the new South America section has been launched!   Check it out here:

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles is set to frighten Wii owners in North America on November 17 th, and Halloween weekend marks the launch of the final section on the official website.

An interactive experience which allows players to shoot zombies on the site, the official website sends players on a journey through each environment fans can expect out of the new thrilling arcade shooter.  With the Resident Evil 2 and Code Veroncia sections already revealed, the final phase takes players to the brand new area in the Resident Evil franchise, South America.

In the new South America stage, play as Leon S. Kennedy and Jack Krauser, as they search for the mysterious leader of the drug cartel known as the Sacred Snakes, Javier Hidalgo.  After playing the experience, check out exclusive new storyline info, along with gameplay videos and trailers, and if you have the skills to get a high enough score, nab yourself some exclusive wallpapers and iphone skins.

Check out the official site at

And while fans wont be able to get the game until November 17 th, they can live vicariously through Leon and Krauser as they go through the horrific experience and tweet their progress along the way on

Follow them both on twitter to get the inside scoop on what’s going on in South America.

Leon S. Kennedy:

Jack Krauser:

The Capcom PR Team

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