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System Flaw is the first augmented reality game to be released. Exclusive to the Nintendo DSi, System Flaw – an innovative 3D action shooter from new publisher Enjoy Gaming – makes full use of the DSi camera as an integral part of the gameplay.

The mission is to hunt down alien invaders – the Flaw – who are only visible through the DSi, and the radar tracker screen gets the player gyrating and spinning from room to room or running outside in pursuit! Developed by Visual Impact, System Flaw features 100 levels of enemies which seem to appear right out of the real-time environment of the gamer. The game has also generated great interest before its launch being awarded the “Best Innovation” nomination by Agence Française pour le Jeu Vidéo.

With its US launch this week and UK and Europe scheduled for February 2010, System Flaw is the first game to come from new family-oriented publisher Enjoy Gaming. “It’s a unique take on portable excitement,” says Paul Tresise, managing director of Enjoy Gaming. “With 360 degrees of optical flow, and motion technology not yet utilised in handheld gaming, System Flaw is a revolutionary gaming experience and a great first product for Enjoy Gaming.”

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