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The following is an update to an earlier post about a malware detection message from AVG 9 immediately after I began to play the Unity3D-based EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online game: Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online (Open Beta) available now; AVG users beware? PGA Tour 11 (June.2010).

Update:  It seems to be AVG’s fault. I’ve had no problems whatsoever with Unity3D games previously. I have actually played some Unity3D-based games on my PC and have also downloaded and installed its Unity 2.6.1 game engine. It seemed weird to me this was happening. I hope AVG fixes this as soon as possible. I’ll go back to play Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online again. Here’s a response from Reza Malekzadeh at Unity:

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La siguiente es una actualización de una anterior publicación sobre un mensaje de detección de malware (softawre malicioso) de AVG 9 inmediatamente después de que yo comencé a jugar el el juego basado en Unity3D, EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online: Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online (Open Beta) available now; AVG users beware? PGA Tour 11 (June.2010).

Actualización: Parece que es culpa de AVG. Anteriormente no he tenido ningún problema con los juegos de Unity3D. En realidad he jugado algunos juegos basados en Unity3D en mi computadora y también he descargado e instalado su motor de juegos Unity 2.6.1. Me pareció extraño que sucediese esto. Volveré a jugar Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online de nuevo. Espero que AVG arregle esto lo más pronto posible. He aquí una respuesta de Reza Malekzadeh de Unity:

Hello Alberto,

My name is Reza and I work for Unity Technologies. I wanted to react to your blog post. Our engineering team took a look at your post and researched the issue. As far as we can tell, AVG is wrongfully flagging Unity. There is no risk at all and we will (be) contacting AVG to ask them to better look at our product.

I hope you can update your post to reflect our view because we really don’t want folks to get the wrong impression 🙂

My direct email is [email protected] – I was not able to find your email so I am using Facebook to contact you.



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