From/De: Capcom

Move over boys! Here comes the merciless CEO of Tricell, Excella Gionne. As the assets continue to roll out for RESIDENT EVIL 5: GOLD EDITION, we are announcing Ms. Gionne as a new playable character in MERCENARIES REUNION.

Don’t let Excella’s looks deceive you. Extreme mercilessness contrasts with her beauty. With a strong fighting instinct backed up by superior martial art skills, Ms. Gionne can hold her own against any Majini attack!

If that weren’t enough for you, in the second episode DESPERATE ESCAPE, our heroes, Jill Valentine and Josh Stone have some new moves up their sleeves. Josh can tackle Majini to the ground or elbow drop injured Majini while Jill can jump on a Majini’s back and twist its neck. Experience Resident Evil 5 in a new way with strong team-work and these exciting moves!

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