* Wiimote Plus, Wiimote with Wii Motion Plus built-in, is being developed.
* Mention of AR (augmented reality) games.
* Super Street Fighter IV 3D via Wi-Fi.
* Mii Studio
* Game Boy and Game Boy Advanced titles via Virtual Console
* Nintendo 3DS – Japanese Release Date: February 22, 2011. Release date info for other regions will be given at a later date. Price: ¥25,000  / ~US$298.
* Nintendo 3DS – in Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black.
* Mentioned games: 3DS Versions of Animal Crossing, Ocarina of Time, Chocobo Racing, Metal Gear Solid, Paper Mario, Kingdom Hearts (tentative title); BioHazard The Mercenaries 3D (currently in development).
* Capcom_Unity @ Twitter: “We just announced the Mega Man Legends 3 Project for the Nintendo 3DS! http://bit.ly/9HQnVG link has been acting up…so check it!”

Sources/Fuentes: Nintendo Conference 2010 Second Hand Live Blog [http://www.andriasang.com/e/blog/2010/09/29/nintendo_conf_live_blog/], 4Gamer.net @ Twitter [http://twitter.com/#!/4GamerLive].

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