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Head First’s Twitter Game Client Free For One Day

Manchester, UK – 25th November – Head First, the UK based advertising and design agency, is pleased to announce that its debut title on the App store Super Twario, will be free to download on Black Friday.

Super Twario, the app which transforms twitter accounts into a retro style platform game, is normally priced at £0.59/ USD $0.99 / EUR €0.79, but on Friday 26th November the app will be available at the new affordable price of FREE.

Since launch Super Twario has received a version 1.1 update which introduced a number of new features and tweaks including:

· Music

· Shake to toggle music

· Minor login fixes

For one day only on Black Friday, 26th November, Super Twario will be free to download from the App store here:


Read Twario’s personal blog:

Super Twario website:

Check out gameplay footage here:

Follow @SuperTwario on Twitter:

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