Capcom: ‘Okamiden’ – ‘Karude’
• Karude, Kokari’s Dad – The father of Kokari and a hunter living in Agata Forest, he really wishes his son would become a hunter. However, since Kokari has already begun to follow his own heart’s desire, Karude decides to forget what he wants and does what he can from the shadows to help make Kakori’s dreams a reality.

Capcom: ‘Okamiden’ – ‘Kokari & Ume’
• Kokari and Ume (dog) – Though the son of the hunter, Karude, Kokari has become fascinated with fishing. Once a timid boy, he has matured physically and mentally alongside his beloved dog, Ume. This time, with the intention of ridding the evil that attacked Agata Forest, he decides to take getting rid of it head on using the treasured fishing pole he inherited from his father.

Capcom: ‘Okamiden’ – ‘Mushi & Mushi’s son’
• Mushi (dog) – One of the lives almost lost in the catastrophe nine months earlier, he was saved by his beloved dog, Hayabusa. He respects Ameterasu, both as a god and as a formidable rival.
• Mushi’s Mama – Mushi’s mama is a no-nonsense woman who takes care of her rice field all by herself. Her field gets damaged quite often so she brings in a scarecrow. Just when she thought her field was safe a threat appears…

Source/Fuente: Capcom USA.

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