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The worldwide gaming community gets together today via TV and the Internet with the purpose of giving our help to those affected and their families in Japan who have suffered after the earthquake and tsunami that devastated many homes and claimed thousands of lives on March 11.

Fans of anime and video games pay close attention to Japan, a country that has entertained us since the 60’s with the arrival of animation that in some way or another connects us personally with its characters in such as Speed Racer​​, Marco, Mazinger Z, Mobile Suit Gundam.

Since 1980, Nintendo, Sega, Konami and other Japanese companies in electronic games have given us the most entertaining and interactive characters. With Mario, Link, Sonic, Pac-Man, Solid Snake, Pikachu (Pokémon), Billy and Jimmy (Double Dragon), Ryu (Street Fighter), and heroes from Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior, and hundreds others, the devotion for entertainment and technology have brought us to live great moments with our loved ones.

With Mario’s first triumph against Bowser to save Princess Peach (in Super Mario Bros) or the first victory by defeating Gannon Link (in The Legend of Zelda), video games have opened the door to fantasy worlds with stories in which we can participate virtually.

However, it’s our turn now.

Let’s offer our support to the Japanese community to assist people affected by the earthquake and tsunami. By giving them a hand, we can provide prompt assistance to our brothers and sisters who are in need in Japan.

For more info, visit From the page, you can choose the Red Cross nearest you to donate.

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