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The epic rematch looms in the distance as Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom  prepares to take the battle to all-new heights. With new iconic characters from the Marvel and Capcom universes, 48 characters on disc, a refined fghting system and new modes, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom continues the Capcom fghting game legacy when it releases this November for the low MSRP of $39.99


  • The Ultimate Roster – Twelve new legends from Marvel and Capcom join the fray, bringing the roster of characters on the disc up to 48, and a total of with DLC.
  • More Legends – Includes some of the most iconic and celebrated characters from
  • The Marvel and Capcom universes, including Strider and Firebrand from the Capcom side and Ghost Rider and Hawkeye from the Marvel universe.
  • Newly Balanced – Ultimate MArvel vs Capcom 3 offers re-balanced re-balanced gamepla that will provide accessible depth for both newcomers and pros alike.
  • Enhanced Modes – After many fan requests, Spectator mode is now available as part of an overall improved online experience along with other new modes and enhancements.
  • Low Price – The ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom experience can be had at a low MSRP of $39.99

Genre: Fighting

Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360

# Players: 1-2

Release Date: November 2011

ESRB Rating” RP (T for Teen Expected)

Developer: Capcom

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