On the most recent survey [http://psvita.jp.playstation.com/voice/ps_vita_2_2893.html] by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan at its PlayStation Vita Community site, an interesting set of questions has surfaced that could perhaps let gamers decide if they want a UMD drive to work with Sony’s upcoming portable game system.

Besides the UMD drive, other features were mentioned such as an HDMI-out cradle, a compact-size keyboard, and grip adapter with a built-in backup battery. Still the UMD drive is the most-requested one.

The responses will be accepted through the 17th.


En la encuesta más reciente [http://psvita.jp.playstation.com/voice/ps_vita_2_2893.html] por Sony Computer Entertainment Japan en su sitio comunitario de PlayStation Vita, un interesante conjunto de preguntas que ha surgido que tal vez podría dejar que los jugadores decidan si quieren una unidad de disco UMD que funcione con la próxima consola portátil de Sony.

Además de la unidad UMD, otras características fueron mencionadas como una base de conexión de salida HDMI, un teclado de tamaño compacto, y el adaptador de agarre con una batería de reserva incorporada. Sin embargo, la unidad UMD es la más solicitada.

Las respuestas serán aceptadas hasta el día 17.

[Source/Fuente]: andriasang – Sony Wants to Know What PlayStation Vita Peripherals You Want [http://www.andriasang.com/e/blog/2011/08/15/vita_peripherals/].

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  1. janhutchings

    Honestly, I’d rather just have whatever new proprietary drive that PS Vita will be using. UMD is a dead media that will just cost more for the consumer in the end. We can just download the PSP games onto the Vita through the PlayStation Network.

    But I’m sure many reviewers and gamers would love to have an HDMI-out plug. That’ll make it much easier to record footage for reviews and whatnot.