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Trendy Entertainment continua hoy con el tercer diario de desarrollador de su próximo vidoejuego Dungeon Defenders. Este tráiler muestra la acción en la fase de combate, construcción de la defensa, un vistazo a las peleas con los jefes épicos del juego,  y otras características importantes necesarias para triunfar en el juego. El juego estará disponible desde el 18 de octubre en la PlayStation Network y desde el 19 de octubre en Xbox Live Arcade.


Dungeon Defenders Coming to PSN October 18th, Shows off the Combat Phase in New Dev Diary

Watch Trendy Entertainment’s third developer diary to find out more about the combat in Dungeon Defenders, available on PSN October 18th, and XBLA/PC October 19th!

Trendy Entertainment has released the third developer diary for its upcoming co-op/action-RPG/tower-defense game, Dungeon Defenders! Watch it for more information on the defense building, upgrading and action in the combat phase and get a sneak peak at some of the game’s epic boss fights. Combining the best elements of a variety of genres and offering a level of depth no other in this category has yet reached, Dungeon Defenders will be available for Xbox®LIVE Arcade and PC on October 19, with a PlayStation®Network release date on October 18th. Stay tuned over the next few weeks for an even more in-depth look at the game!

Dungeon Defenders is AAA downloadable game which is equal parts tower defense and action-RPG. Create a hero from one of four classes and develop your skills, pets, towers and abilities to fight off the evil from Etheria! Take your character online to share your wares, pets and skill with four-player local and online co-op!

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