The phrase “Do A Barrel Roll!” has become so familiar for gamers since the mid-90s with the arrival of Star Fox 64. At conventions, at schools, at homes, it is a catchy phrase to laugh at, and it is an Internet meme as well.

Thanks to Peppy’s command to do a 360-degree horizontal spin, someone is paying tribute to the Nintendo’s Star Fox franchise by doing the same act with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.

By typing the phrase “Do a Barrel Roll” (or “Z or R twice”) on the Google search bar, the screen rotates clockwise.

It’s nice to see the recognition a game like Star Fox 64 (and its 3DS version) deserves. The 3DS version of the game features improved graphics, classic gameplay, nice replay value, great controller play and options, and local network gameplay (though multiplayer online play didn’t make it into this version).

Try the “Barrel Roll” here: [https://www.google.com/search?q=do+a+barrel+roll].

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