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This trailer introduces Danny, the main character of the game, who becomes trapped inside his own imagination. Now Danny has to solve the puzzles and conundrums of his own subconscious to try and escape back to reality.

Built on the foundation of the award-winning CRUSH™, CRUSH3D features a host of exciting new features specifically designed for the Nintendo 3DS system, including new locations, characters and an intuitive hint system.

Navigate across the surreal platforms of Danny’s mind by ‘crushing’ your way from a 2-dimensional to a 3-dimensional world and back again whenever you need to. Discover how ‘crushing’ takes you to impossible heights, over insurmountable obstacles, and even disposes of dangerous enemies. CRUSH3D takes full advantage of the Nintendo 3DS capabilities, including full 3D graphics and StreetPass functionality that allows players to exchange gifts with friends and earn Gift Points to unlock more exclusive bonuses!

CRUSH3D is scheduled for release on January 10, 2012. For more information about CRUSH3D, please visit

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