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  1. David Gutierrez

    Hey cyberconnect2 I as a really huge fan of naruto think that you should add a create charcter, and create jitsu mode in on the next naruto game…. And i dont mean no petty cheap crap just to try it out like Dbz did cause that just made there game suck the way they took out the actulle challange of the game and gave nouthing but basic crap.. If you put a all out create a charecter mode like to the point were he could look like the person creating it or whatever they want kinda like sims i gess haha. Also in a create jitsu mode make it all high tec and awsome like dont just put it so the person can pick someones jutsu make it to the point were the can lets say mix crystal ice mirrors with lighting blade. OR make a jutsu from scratch and add the old charcters like the ninja from the sound village that naruto and saskae fought after saskae got the curse mark such as the one garra killed befour the finals of the chunnin exsams.. I promis if you add a advanced creat a move set like punch by punch and advanced create a ninja plus jutsu mode you would have the number one game for years.. Trust me on that ive been a naruto fan sence day one and ive played all the games and everyone of my friends i talked to all agree that this is exsactley what naruto needs to become number one for years and years..Thankyou for listening..

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