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By: Marquis Mattocks

The Kingdom Hearts series has seen many spin-offs over the past few years. Birth by Sleep358/2 Days, and Coded are some recent ones just to name a few. And as a KH fan its good to hear from the creator himself that these titles actually do have some continuity with the story as a whole. But of course, fans will always want more, and we’re dying for Kingdom Hearts 3. That being said, it seems fans will finally get something close to what they’ve been waiting for.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is the latest entry in the series and its first time on Nintendo 3DS. This is also the continuation of the story since Kingdom Hearts 2. It recently just got released in Japan and it is slated for release this July and we’ve finally gotten our first look at the English dubbed version of the game.

From what I can tell this is the same 8 minute trailer we got for the game prior to its release in Japan, only with the English voices dubbed over it. Haley Joel Osmont seems to be in top form seeing as he hasn’t had this much time as Sora since KH2. It seems a number of actors have returned to reprise their roles as well and as a KH fan I have no complaints. Seeing as the game is still in the process of localization it seems will have to wait a bit though before we get more insight on the translated menus and attack names. It’s also very welcome to get some sneak peaks at the voices for Neku and the gang from the World Ends With You.

After seeing the English version of this trailer, I have to admit it gave me chills of excitement towards the end now that I have a better understanding of the story and the situation Sora and co. have found themselves in this time around. And while it sucks that North America is the last to get the game, as a Sora fan, I definitely can’t wait to play this latest installment to the saga.

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