[EN]: it is great to return to E3 once again. After six years, it was about time to again meet new people (and some old ones), play upcoming games, walk thousands of steps, and to make the event better, have some of my favorite Peruvian food plus an Inka Cola. Let’s talk about games though.

The Wii U: I can’t wait to have one. Nintendo has done many great things to its upcoming gaming console, and it some things, it is doing things it needed to catch up, and in others, it is making them them much better.

NintendoLand: I don’t know if it should be compared to PlayStation’s Home, but it brings Miis into social world. Exploring, communicating with others, and playing games without downloads are elemental pieces seen the PlayStation Network, and a must for any such network. But this one has the Nintendo look and feel.

I was expecting a new generation of Mii characters, but I guess, maybe to keep compatibility, Nintendo decided to keep the same ones from the Wii version.

I am glad Nintendo is working on a way for us to transfer our content from the Wii into the Wii U. That content includes downloadables bought under your account(s)… This was mentioned at Nintendo’s Developer Round Table.

Well, this is just a bit, but I’ll have lots of content soon. Go to my Facebook page for pictures and videos of E3 2012: El Mundo Tech.

I had a great night at the Halo after-party lat night, seeing some new, recents faces.

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