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[EN]: On day 1, I decided to check out mainly the Nintendo section because of the Wii U. I must say it seems like the upcoming console could be a big success, but a price has not been announced. The company has tried to make their console affordable to everyone in previous generations. Let’s hope Nintendo decides not going over $300 on a new console with lots of new, worthy features.

Day 2 was more about Microsoft, Sony and some third-parties. I saw many people chatting about and playing Sony’s PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. People had great comments about the game. I do remember some guys saying that it feels like a mix of Street Fighter when referring to controlling characters. I have yet to try more characters besides Sly Cooper.

Namco Bandai did make E3 a more entertaining party with characters’ cosplayers and other young women for people to see more on the next Tekken game. I think more people there forgot about the game, though a few young women, especially one, showed they do play fighting games.

Square Enix had me spent some time on Theatrhythm and Kingdom Hearts 3d [Dream Drop Distance]. I did enjoy playing both because of the easy-to-play control on KH, and the nostalgic music factor of Theatrhythm. A real-time demo of a new game showed amazing graphics though.

Microsoft had a lot to show as well. I can’t wait for the release of Halo 4.

Nintendo did invite to its VIP section to play more Wii U games. I have to say even though the graphics from a game in Wiiverse are 2d, playing as a ghost against four other players is truly fun and unique. Beating them with one second left made the victory even sweeter. The game tablet makes this possible.

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