[EN]: First of all, I must say it was great to return to E3. Seeing and trying out a new console is fantastic, and play upcoming titles is sweet.

Day 3 was spending more time on the third-party developers section:

Namco Bandai: It was about time to play the PS3-only title about One Piece. The demo showed the game is simple to learn the basic moves, especially when Fighting a big guy and his army on my own. I completed the demo successfully. The arcade section had Pac-man games I had to play, and a 4-player one with modern graphics that is a lot like the company’s championship edition of Pac-man.

The DBZ Kinect game: I had mixed reactions because of its first trailer, but started to change my mind. It recognizes well when a player wants to do his/her basic and special moves. Doing the Kamehameha was really fun, and fighting and beating Vegeta, too

Turtle Beach: After the 10-minute demo, I must say it is awesome to use one of its many headphones. It gives players not just an advantage when playing, it offers great audio with features not seen in other devices. Expect a review in the near future.

Expect more of my opinion and pics and videos tomorrow and in the coming days, but this E3 was very special in many ways. I just wish it could last one more day.

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