E3 2012 is the start of a new generation in gaming, but the moments during an expo can last for a lifetime. Being at E3 gives you the opportunity to speak with the ones who are working in the games. There were lots of favorite moments, and I’ll be sharing my stories in the upcoming days.

Among my favorite moments:

  • A demo of Epic Mickey 2 shown to me by assistant producer at Disney Interactive, Matthew Solie.
  • What is like playing games on the Wii U.
  • Playing as the ghost on Luigi’s Ghost Mansion, my favorite NintendoLand game, and beating the game with one second remaining.
  • The Namco Bandai booth. Tekken, DBZ, One Piece, and Pac-man.
  • Other games: the latest Just Dance, the reboot of Need for Speed Most Wanted, …
  • And more.

    Expect pictures and videos soon.

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