[EN]: The day after E3, I thought of things I wanted to see, but did not happen. Though E3 was an awesome expo, I wish some companies would have let us see a bit more.

  • Nintendo: MiiVerse – Though people got to try the games that you can play from Wiiverse, the experience of actually interacting with others in that virtual plaza was missing. It was only seen in recorded video, but was not playable by anyone at NintendoLand, as far as I know. It seems like it wasn’t ready yet to be shown; good thing is it will be available from day 1 of the console’s launch. I do miss playing the game based on Luigi’s Mansion.
  • E3: Why doesn’t the expo last one more day? There was so much to see and do there. With an extra day, the expo would have brought more joy to the ones who attended E3 2012.
  • EA: With Messi on FIFA 13, it would have been an epic moment to see him at E3. I bet even non-related game media like Univisión, ESPN Deportes and Fox Deportes would have made the trek to E3. A message to EA: Bring Messi to E3 next year (and I would like to interview him and play the next FIFA game with him, too).
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