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[EN]: The Los Angeles Convention Center has been the home of E3 for most of the expo’s history. Without a “see you next year here at LACC,” it is one of many indications leading to believe the annual gaming trade show will most likely be somewhere else. Could E3 at LACC be no more?

E3 2012 did not have as much people as in previous expos. Back in 2005 and 2006, E3 had over 65,000 visitors from around the world. I remember how hard it was for people to get a parking space, and get pushed among the intense crowd.

The ESA, the association in charge of E3, will announce sometime in the upcoming weeks new dates and a place for the expo. Due to a construction that will remove the West Hall of LACC in order to create the new Farmers Field stadium, the future of the gaming expo at LACC is in danger. That hall is occupied every year by Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

A smaller number of people makes a big difference (when comparing this year’s expo with the one in 2006). This year’s event had a cap of 45,700, unlike E3 2006’s over 70,000 attendees.

For E3 2013, it seems like attendees will experience a completely new expo.

[Source/Fuente]: New stadium threatens to bump E3 2013 out of Los Angeles [New stadium threatens to bump out E3 out of Los Angeles].

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