[EN]: Had Namco Bandai not brought booth babes at E3, I would have spent more time checking out the Street Fighter memorabilia. Capcom brought not just games, but toys and a car, as previously announced.

It was about the same year when I arrived to the States that the SF franchise made its debut. I tried the very first game and saw it as an advanced fighting game then because of the graphics, but hard to do the characters’ special moves. But the game got more fans with its sequel which brought the feeling of competition to the arcade, and friendships as well.

When Street Fighter II came out, I was taking a karate not even knowing the style was based on Ryu’s. Not that I dreamt of being a Street Fighter; I already had interest in learning martial arts and this was the one my college was offering.

I do miss meeting people at an actual place when playing Street Fighter, but looking at Street Fighter stuff at E3 brings lots of memories from its early days, the SF2 years, the local competition I won at a Blockbuster Video store thanks to my high score on SF2 that got me to a state or regional tournament, and so much more.

Time to hadouken now.


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