[ES]: Para lograr el triunfo, tienes que saber las técnicas avanzadas del juego. En esta ocasión, Atlus comparte lo mejor para que seas un jugador exitoso al momento de luchar contra tus enemigos. Podrás ver durante las peleas unos estados alterados en el juego: no podrás bloquear ni moverte, tu salud bajará despacio, los controles están al revés, ó el oponente robará tu SP. I can’t wait to try this game.


“Persona 4 Arena” – ‘Video Tutorial 2 – Advanced Techniques’

The second of our Persona 4 Arena Tutorial Videos is now available!  Let Mitsuru Kirijo, one of the stars of the acclaimed ATLUS RPG Persona 3 and a fighter in the P4 Arena roster, guide you through some of the more advanced mechanics and strategies in the upcoming Persona fighting game spinoff developed in collaboration with genre master Arc System Works (BlazBlue, Guilty Gear).

Did you know that there are status ailments in the game?  Yep, borrowing a page from the RPGsP4 Arena derives its setting and characters from from, there are temporary afflictions that can be cast upon you or your foes mid-fight:

*   Poison: HP slowly decreases

*   Panic: Controls are reversed

*   Rage: Cannot block

*   Shock: Cannot move

*   Charm: Opponent steals SP

Cool, right?  Guess what: the new tutorial video is full of this kind of coolness.  TO THE BRIM. Watch it and share it please, why don’t you?

Persona 4 Arena comes out on August 7th for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 systems.  There’ll be a pre-order bonus “Arranged Soundtrack” CD at select retailers while supplies last, although there’s a lot more info about that offer yet to come.  Visit the game’s official, full, awesome website for more deets:  www.atlus.com/p4arena.
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