Ronda Rousey

[EN]: Ronda Rousey is the current UFC Women’s Bantanweight Champion. She has won an Olympic medal in Judo at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, and that’s just one of her many accomplishments from the Internaional Judo Federation, USA Judo, Strikeforce, and the Women’s MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Awards.

Would you ever imagnine that such as excellent athlete ever follows a hobby you truly love, in this case watching anime? Maybe yes, maybe no, but she has indeed watched Dragon Ball Z, and her anime crush is not Goku, but Vegeta. Watch this video to see what she says about Vegeta.

[ES]: Ronda Rousey es la campeona de peso gallo (bantanweight) de muejres de la UFC. Ella ha ganado una medalla olímpica en judo en los Juegos Olímpicos 2008 de Pekín, y eso es sólo uno de sus muchos logros en la Federación Internaional de Judo, Judo USA, Strikeforce, y los Premios de la MMA (Mixed Marts Arts / Artes Marciales Mixtas) de Mujeres.

¿Alguna vez se imaginarían que tal excelente atleta sigue una pasatiempo que realmente les encante a ustedes, en este caso, el de ver anime? Quizás sí, quizás no, pero ella sí ha visto Dragon Ball Z, y su amor platónico de anime no es Goku, sino Vegeta. Mira este video para que vean lo que dice acerca de Vegeta.

[Source/Fuente]: FightHubTV: Ronda Rousey would “Go cartoon for Vegeta.” Watch her explain her love of the Dragon Ball Z character [].

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