[Source/Fuente]: Square Enix PR.

Inns: Lightning can rent a room in one of the inns and rest for a while. As time passes, she will recover her health.

Stolen Treasure: Lightning must recover the stolen treasure. But what powers does it hide within?


Event A: A bandit gang is operating in the Dead Dunes, searching for the hidden treasures said to be buried there.

Food: The cities are home to various kinds of inns and eateries. Perfect places for Lightning to have a meal and replenish her health.

Abilities: Lightning now has the ability to cast recovery spells on herself. Becasue the spell consumes EP, it is best kept as a last resort. Perhaps it’s wiser to use her supply of potions first!

Monster: This monster swims easily through the sand and attacks with ferocious speed. Lightning must parry the assault before she can launch her counterattack!

Oasis: There is good information to be found in the village that huddles around the oasis. It is a perfect base for exploring the deadly wilderness that surrounds it.

Ability Shop: Lightning can purchase magic spells and abilities from a number of shops. Save up gil and surprise foes with a new ability.

Desert3: Majestic ruins lie half-buried in the sand. They serve as landmarks for Lightning as she explores the wasteland.

Item Shop: Some shops sell potions, elixirs, and other consumables. Lightning can only carry a limited number into battle, so remember to stock up regularly.

Desert: Want to get to the bottom of the dune fast? Just slide down!

Event B: The bandit chief appears to know all about Lightning. Could it be that they’ve met before?

Ruins3: The shifting sands of the Dead Dunes hide many a ruin. In one of them, Lightning may find the treasure she seeks.

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