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[EN]: Get ready Pokémon Masters, because this fall we start yet another adventure in the immense world of Pokemon. But it seems we have a lot of new coming to the franchise this time around! In a recent scan from the magazine CoroCoro, we got more insight into some of the new features coming to the game. This time around, much like how Unova, the previous region in the Pokémon Black and White series, was based on New York. This new region, going by the name of Karos, will be based on France. This would explain the Eiffel Tower-like structure in the trailer earlier this year.

But that’s not all! Today, we have the international names for some of the new Pokémon, moves and Region in this update. In this game for the first time in the series, you will be able to adjust the skin tone, and hair style of your character. This should make for some fun in differentiating your character for online battles with your friends, and is what particularly has me, a longtime fan of the series, excited. It has also been confirmed that you’ll be able to get new outfits and accessories at later points in the game. In the recent gameplay trailer, we got to see a lot of the new pokemon in action and they’re English names. This list consists of an electric/normal lizard called Helioptile, a normal/flying type bird called Fletchling, said to be based on a Japanese robin, and a fighting type panda called Pancham….yes a panda that can fight, hopefully we get some new Kung-Fu moves this time around to fit the occasion.

Also, a grass type goat ram Pokémon called Gogoat was revealed as well, and apparently you can actually ride it in game! Whether or not other Pokémon will have this same ability remains to be seen, but this does excite me for what this could mean as far as sailing the seas on your water types or even when it comes to flying around to different towns. Also as I stated earlier, the new region will be going by the name of Kalos. It is based on France and the region itself is shaped like a star. “Kalos” most likely comes from the greek word “good” or “beauty.” It has also been confirmed that that there will be no more grid walking for the characters in this game, meaning for the first time you’ll be able to run in every direction as opposed to the strict left, right, up, down, grid style of the past. The town in the trailer in which the trainer is seen by the Eiffel Tower like structure is called Lumiose City, and is based on Paris. The town is said to have 3D rendered cars, as well as, little canals to give it that Paris feel.

The Pokédex as always has also gotten an upgrade and it looks very high tech this time around, ha maybe the equivalent of an iPhone 5 is called a PokeDex5 in the world of Pokémon! Nonetheless this is all very interesting, and hopefully we get to see even more at E3 this year. Here’s hoping the news thus far has only been the tip of the iceberg!

[ES]: [–translation in progress–]

Update/Actualización: New videos by PokeémonCoJp on YouTube have been released / Nuevos videos por PokeémonCoJp en YouTube han sido publicados:

【公式】『ポケットモンスター X・Y』ハリマロン紹介映像

【公式】『ポケットモンスター X・Y』紹介映像1

【公式】『ポケットモンスター X・Y』ゴーゴート紹介映像

【公式】『ポケットモンスター X・Y』ケロマツ紹介映像

【公式】『ポケットモンスター X・Y』ヤンチャム紹介映像

【公式】『ポケットモンスター X・Y』ヤヤコマ紹介映像

【公式】『ポケットモンスター X・Y』エリキテル紹介映像

【公式】『ポケットモンスター X・Y』フォッコ紹介映像

[Source/Fuente]: PokéJungle.net: New Worldwide X & Y Information! [http://pokejungle.net/2013/05/14/new-worldwide-x-y-information/], PokemonCoJp @ YouTube.

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