By: Marquis Mattocks

The common consensus that seems to be on every Square Enix fan and even the industry’s mind is that Square is in real trouble if they don’t give us a real major hit soon. With the failures of both Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2, and more recently their take on Tomb Raider’s first-month sales, calling it a failure even after the game received very good reviews and sold 3 million copies, the future of this once great company is becoming more and more questionable every day.

But despite this, could Square be getting ready for their comeback?

As we quickly approach the next generation and the start of a new console war, could Square be getting ready for a strong comeback to take advantage of all this excitement? Earlier this year at Sony’s press conference, Square came on stage to once again show off their tech demo, Agni’s Philosophy, which shows off their brand new engine they plan to use for upcoming games in the coming generation. At the end of their presentation, without giving so much as a hint, Square said that we should look forward to E3 for a big announcement. While this is extremely cryptic and I’m not sure how much the fan base can take from all this secrecy, it still begs the question “Is Square preparing for some big reveals soon?”

As we approach E3 even now, rumors have been going around saying their longest running project, Final Fantasy Versus XIII will have a showing this year, and will even possibly be rebranded as Final Fantasy 15. Tetsuya Nomura, head of the project, has also recently gone on record saying Square is preparing to reveal more information about the project soon, and also a possible explanation as to why it’s taken so long for Versus to come out.

Either way, this E3, all eyes will definitely be on Square to some degree and the last of us diehard fans of the company and the series they produce, are praying this showing is the event to end all events. With games such as Versus, Kingdom Hearts III, and even the hope for exciting new IPs; Square has a lot to live up to this year or else they risk alienating even more of their audience. With a new CEO now in charge of Square things are definitely set for change, but with the way things have being going as of late, only time will tell if that change will be for the better or not.

“Final Fantasy Versus XIII”

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