[EN]: The following trailers have been released today and in the past few days and will be shown at Square Enix’s booth at E3 2013.

[ES]: Los siguientes avances se han dado a conocer hoy y en los últimos días y se mostrarán en el stand de Square Enix en el E3 2013.

“Deus Ex: The Fall” – []iPad/iPhone]

Thief: “Garrett the Master Thief – E3 2013 Trailer” – 2013/Jun/07

Stealing is my way of life; it sets me free in the night.
Every rivet and stitch lets me find what I desire.
The cloth that hides me, the tools that arm me…
all lead to that priceless moment.

Deus Ex: The Fall – E3 2013 Trailer [iPad/iPhone] – 2013/Jun/07

Murdered: Soul Suspect – 2013/Jun/04

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