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[EN]: The Pokémon Company released new trailer, artwork, and screenshots today revealing a new transformation for certain Pokémon, three new Pokémon, a new gym leader, and new ways of training. For fans, these additions should bring more excitement to the series.

This type of temporary mega evolution can only happen during battle and when in possession of certain Mega Stone for specific Pokémon. The first revealed Mega-Pokémon and their respective Mega Stone are: Mega Lucario (Lucarionite), Mega Blaziken (Blazikenite, a special Torchic to be available via Nintendo Network on release date), and Mega Mewtwo. []

Among the new Pokémon revealed, their species and abilities:
Dedenne: An electric/fairy-type / Antenna Pokémon / Cheek Pouch
Bunnelby: Normal-type / Digging pokémon / Pickup or Cheek Pouch
Skiddo: Evolves into Gogoat.

Korrina: A Gym Leader from Shalour City

New ways of Training:
Super Training, Super Training Regimens, Core Training, Super Training Base Stats, The Effort-o-Meter

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