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Along with the announcement of The Wind Waker HD included in the upcoming Wii U bundle with a $299 price tag, Nintendo also introduced the Nintendo 2DS, an entry-level version of the Nintendo 3DS. At $129.99, it comes with almost all of the features of its 3DS counterpart. What makes the 2DS different is the rigid and flat design (can not be folded in half), lack of 3D video, the mono sound speakers (with stereo via headphones), a sleep switch, and no power saving mode. According to Nintendo, the new portable will be available in two colors (red-black for North America and Europe, blue-black for North America, blue-black for Europe) on the same day the titles Pokémon X and Pokémon Y arrive at stores, on October 12th. As for compatibility, it will let users play all 3DS titles and over 2000 Nintendo DS titles. And just like the 3DS, it will come with wireless features, online multiplayer gaming, Nintendo Video, Nintendo eShop, and more.

Watch both videos. They are not the same.

Nintendo 2DS – Introduction

Nintendo 2DS – Trailer de lanzamiento (Nintendo 3DS)

[Nintendo 2DS]

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