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The original versions of Soulcalibur II had an exclusive character per console: Heihachi on PS2, Spawn on Xbox, and Link on Gamecube. This means we didn’t get to see Link fight Heihachi, or Heihachi fight Spawn, or Spawn versus Link. Though no announcement of a Soulcalibur II HD for the Wii U has been made by Namco Bandai, at least we’ll see Heihachi fight Spawn for the first time in this updated version. It should make fans of the franchise a bit happier, though without Link in a Wii U version, it just won’t be the same. I bet “Please Namco Bandai, bring Soulcalibur II HD with Link to the Wii U” is in many gamers’ minds, especially if they’ve had the Gamecube one. Omitting a character just doesn’t sound right. Perhaps gamers would need to send a tweet or two or three or more to Namco Bandai for this to happen. ¡Yo quiero a Link in SC2HD! Could Namco Bandai be keeping the best version (with Link) for last? ¿?¿?¿?

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