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Nikkei has announced the passing of Nintendo’s third CEO, Hiroshi Yamauchi, the one responsible in transforming the company from making playing card games to the most recognized video game company in the world.

Mr. Yamauchi worked for Nintendo until the year 2002, when current president Satoru Iwata took over the company. As the man who changed Nintendo to what it is today, he should also be credited from saving the electronic entertainment industry from the chaos it was going through in the early-to-mid 1980s. The arrival of the NES saved the gaming industry in the US. He took Nintendo to the top.

Mr. Yamauchi died at the age of 85 from complications of pneumonia. He will be missed.

[Source]: Nikkei: 任天堂の山内溥元社長が死去 85歳 [].

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