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Earlier this week, the Blu-Ray version of Iron Man 3 made its debut, and my friend Teresa Garza, Founder and Editor of, got the opportunity to talk to Dave Bushore (Marvel Digital Guru) & Brian Kwan (Disney Producer) at Disney Studios in Burbank, CA, about a great app.

The interaction of the disc’s features with its iOS app called Iron Man 3: Jarvis – A Second Screen Experience is the best thing the Blu-Ray version brings. Jarvis introduces itself as a virtual artificial intelligence to assist the users with lots of tasks. The app basically takes over your iPad and/or iPhone. Yes, you can ask Jarvis about the weather and he will tell you, but there’s even more than than. You can give Jarvis many voice commands the same way you do to Siri. Of course, you are going to need a home network to control the disc. If you already have a PlayStation 3 (or an internet-enabled Blu-Ray player) connected to your Wi-Fi network, you’ve got everything the Blu-Ray version needs. The wireless internet connection at your home will help users take control of the Blu-Ray version, and give you access to special  features and exclusive content .

Fans of the franchise may prefer this voice more than Siri’s, I guess.

Thanks to Teresa for sharing her video with us.

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