[EN]: Even before the start of Apple’s presentation earlier this week, an event was going on at Orlando’s Mall at Millenia that same day: the opening of a new Microsoft Store (the second one in the city). I, of course, did not want to miss the event at The City Beautiful’s coolest mall.

This occasion wasn’t just about tech products, though, it was also about Microsoft collaborating with the community from donating over a $1 million overall to different non-profit organizations such as the Orlando Science Center, Boys and Girls Club, Beta Center, Give Kids The World, and the National Academy Foundation. As expected, people entering the store got a great welcome from the young tech gurus, even one of them speaking to me in Spanish.

While I was at the store, I felt like being with people you already know even though it was the first time I get to meet them. Maybe it’s because tech and gaming is what brings us together. Each person at the store also has the devotion to help every customer at the store. I spent over two hours checking out the new Surface 2 Pro, and the tech gurus at the store helped me to master Windows 8.1. I’m still a Windows 7 user. I tested the many applications of Windows 8.1 first and enjoyed the Fresh Paint one the most. As a fan of calligraphy myself, I loved what the app let me do: write on the tablet comfortably to show my creative side of artistic writing.

To celebrate the opening, many people picked up tickets at the new Microsoft Store for a Pitbull concert outside the mall that night. Everyone at the concert outside the mall really enjoyed his presence.

The next day, there were many more people at the new Microsoft Store to try out the Xbox One, so many gamers that not all of them waiting in line got to play with the console during the 90 minutes before closing time. A few people were lucky enough to talk a bit to Major Nelson and had pictures taken with him.
















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