Nintendo 3DS - Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon bundle

Nintendo 3DS – Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon bundle

[ES]: As the festive season draws near, Nintendo has already prepared some great deals especially made for Thanksgiving and Black Friday. I recommend you to take advantage of these great savings.
The home of Mario will be offering the following products at reduced prices:
  • Nintendo 3DS with Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon pre-installed for US$169.99 (November 28)
  • At Walmart: Nintendo 2DS for only US$99.96 (November 28)
  • At Target: Nintendo 3DS XL (the bigger model) for only US$149.99 (November 29)
  • At the Wii U & Nintendo 3DS ‘s eShop: Continuan los descuentos de juegos seleccionados de personajes favoritos tales como Mario y Mega Man. Más info de las ofertas aquí: [].
  • You can buy Nintendo Land (Wii U) with a Luigi-themed green Wii Remote Plus controller for only US$59.99 (December 2nd)
Also, don’t forget the deals that you can take advantage of, right now:
  • The Wii U Deluxe Set bundled with New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U in a single disc / $US299.99
  • Wii Sports Club titles: The sports game collection que emocionaron a la gente durante la llegada del Wii ha sido remasterizada. The tenis and bowling games are already available via download on the eShop. The baseball, boxing y golf ones  will be launched later individually. A 24-hour trial period will be offered for free, as well as a one-day subscription for US$1.99 and an unlimited subscription for US$9.99 for each game.
  • The one-month trial version of Wii Fit U  (for those with a Wii Balance Board). If you decide to buy it, it will cost US$19.99.

[Fuente]: Nintendo of America.

Nintendo Land with Luigi Wii Remote Plus

Nintendo Land with Luigi Wii Remote Plus

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